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  • We clean windows inside and out using traditional methods and scratch safe products. 

  • Our work is weather dependent. We respect your time and try to work with you if rescheduling is ever needed.

  • We will remove cobwebs while cleaning your windows.

  • New windows? We are able to remove stickers and labels.

  • We have gift certificates perfect for any occasion! 

Ladder Work

  • We are able to reach up to 3 stories with out special equipment. 

  • We use padded stabilizers to protect your siding.

  • We have professional equipment that will enable us to use a ladder on a slope or in a stairs case.


  • We remove and wipe down your screens.

  • If you like we can store them at your place for the winter then reinstall them in the spring.



  • We wear shoe covers. 

  • We are able to most around curtains and furniture. If we do need to move anything we are sure to be cautious and return it just like we found it.

  • We have an indoor only ladder that stays clean and collapses for easy maneuvering

  • Ask us about changing a light bulb or cleaning chandeliers.

  • We are able to clean your mirrors too.

  • Spider webs in hard to reach places? We can help.

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