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We work carefully around landscaping

On a hill side/over stairs

3rd story windows

No Problem

We have ladders specifically for indoor use and we wear high quality shoe covers

We can handle most sky lights inside and out

Light fixtures

Dusting Fans

Change a lightbulb

  • Our customer's time is precious! We do our best to be on time.

  • Our employees will be courteous and respectful. They will refrain from all tobacco products, cursing, or profane language.

  • We offer a FREE estimates for all jobs, big or small.

  • We will take care of moving curtains, drapes, blinds or necessary furniture for inside jobs.

  • We will wear special covers over our shoes while inside to keep your floors clean.  

  • We care about our customer's privacy and will not share any personal information.

  • We will work around landscaping.

  • If weather gets in the way, we try to reschedule and accommodate your needs

  • You can expect professionals who will do a thorough cleaning job using traditional methods (Scratch free scrubber, squeegees and towels for detailing).

  • You may need to unlock screens from the inside for outside only jobs.


We pay great attention to detail, leaving nothing behind.

About Better View

  • We are family owned and operated, servicing the greater Crawford County PA

  • We use only high quality equipment and cleaning solutions 

  • We provide professional services for commercial and residential clients

  • Your time is valuable and even though we can get very busy, we try our best to be on time

  • We take our time at each job to be sure it was done well and that we were thorough 

  • Our goal is to meet or exceed all of your expectations

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